Rwandan court acquits prominent opposition leader of forgery, incitement

By Kara Fox, CNN |

Diane Rwigara leaves Kigali’s High Court after her acquittal on December 6.

CNN — Diane Rwigara, the 37-year-old human rights activist who had once hoped to run for the Rwandan presidency, has been acquitted of charges of fraud and inciting insurrection.

The verdict was delivered in Kigali’s High Court on Thursday.

Rwigara’s mother, Adeline, who was also in court facing charges of inciting insurrection and sectarian practices, was also acquitted of all charges.

“We find that the prosecution charges do not have a basis and find Diane Rwigara and Adeline Rwigara not guilty on all charges,” the three-judge verdict read, according to local news website The East African.

The Rwigaras were greeted by excited family members and supporters who rushed to embrace with songs and cheers inside the courtroom.

In the lead up to the verdict, Rwigara told CNN that she hoped she would be acquitted of the “fabricated charges” but that she was prepared for any outcome.

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