Rwanda Invites Liberian Medical Scientist, Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan to Speak at Global Science Conference

Dr. Dougbeh Chris Nyan, M.D. (Liberian Medical Doctor and Scientist)

Kigali, March 23, 2018 – The award-winning Liberian medical doctor and inventor, Dr. Dougbeh Christopher Nyan has been invited to Rwanda to speak at the global gathering of African and world scientists scheduled to take place in  Kigali. The event dubbed, “The Next Einstein Forum 2018,” is a biennial global event where the world of science, medicine, and technology meet on the African soil. The Next Einstein Forum 2018 is hosted by His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda and officially runs from March 26 – 28, 2018.

Over the next several days, the Forum will be unveiling the numerous scientific breakthroughs in Africa, respond to existing challenges and look to the future for promoting innovation and its marketing. During the event, Dr. Nyan will speak at the special plenary session, “Conversation with Africa’s Brightest Innovators,” where he will discuss his game-changing invention of a testing device that detects at least 3 to 7 infectious diseases in 10 to 40 minutes using just one test.

The Nyan-Test can detect and simultaneously identify a host of infections including HIV, West Nile virus, some Hepatitis viruses, Dengue, Ebola, Yellow fever virus, Malaria, Typhus fever, and Lassa fever virus, making it easy for doctors to make quick diagnosis and give specific treatment. Dr. Nyan, a German-trained medical doctor from the Charité – Humboldt Universtätsmedizin Berlin, has said that, “my invention will be produced to be affordable for the poor communities of Africa and other neglected populations around the world.”

The Nyan-Test, is considered one of the best and impact innovations to emerge in Africa and the world in recent times. Shufflex Biomed, a biotechnology start-up founded and headed by Dr. Nyan is presently fundraising to produce and market the test. The test is simple to use, sensitive, and specific, and projected to be commercially profitable for investors and positively impact millions of lives.

In July 2017, the invention won Dr. Nyan the prestigious African Innovation Special Prize for Social Impact Award from the African Innovation Foundation (AIF) which is headed by Pauline Mujawamariya Koelbl as director. The African Innovation Prize (AIP) which parallels the Nobel Prize, was established in 2009 by Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais, an Angolan-Swiss philanthropist with deep interest in promoting African innovations, law, and social advancement. Dr. Nyan was also awarded the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award in Science Research in Medicine by the Ward Fund and the Liberian Science Award in the same year by the Liberian Awards.

In a recent interview during the NEPAD SANBio 2018 Annual Event held in South Africa in February this year, Dr. Nyan said, “African governments and policy makers should accelerate the establishment of a framework for free movement of the African people across old colonial borders on the Continent to facilitate free movement and collaboration of African scientists with one another on projects that will benefit all of Africa and the world.” Dr. Nyan sounded the call as he received numerous interests for collaboration from fellow scientists in Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Malawi, and the Seychelles. “The genuine practice of pan-Africanism in every sector is very crucial to the economic, scientific, and commercial growth of Africa,” added Dr. Nyan.

The Next Einstein Forum 2018 is co-organized by the Robert Bosch Stiftung of Germany and the African Institute for Mathematical Sciences (AIMS) in partnership with the government of the Republic of


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