Russian soldier ‘breaks down in tears as Ukrainians give him a drink and ring his mother after he surrenders’

He is seen being comforted and offered tea and food by local women

The soldier then bursts into tears after being given a phone to call his mother

It comes as Ukraine’s Ministry of Defence invited Russian mothers to collect their sons who were captured in battle

This is the moment a Russian soldier broke down in tears as he spoke to his mother on the phone after surrendering to Ukrainians.

Footage shows a young fighter from Putin’s forces being comforted by a group of women after throwing down his weapon.

He is then seen drinking tea and eating a pasty as another woman offers him a phone.

The young prisoner of war then blows kisses as his mother answers and bursts into tears.

A male voice off camera is heard saying in Ukrainian: ‘These young men, it’s not their fault. They don’t know why they are here. They are using old maps, they are lost.’

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