Russia has lifted Tu-95 strategic missile bombers into the air

By Boyko Nikolov  *

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MOSCOW, ($1= Russian Rubles) — The Russian Federation has taken action to suddenly deploy strategic Tu-95 missile bombers at Engels Air Base, has learned, citing Russian media. Our field source said that a few hours after their deployment, the bombers took off. According to a source from the Engels base, the bombers performed training tasks and practiced airstrikes in various weather conditions.

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According to the information provided to us, at least two Tu-95s, accompanied by fighters, have performed take-off and landing tasks, flights on a specific route, and coordinated tasks with ground air control at the base. After the bombers landed back at Engels Air Force Base, engineering teams performed “standard service” and prepared for multiple flights at regular intervals.

Sources claim that during one of the many “training” flights of the two Tu-95s, more than 20 units of weapons equipment were engaged on the ground, as well as specialized vehicles with teams to maintain the technical condition of the airbase.

Engels Air Force Base is a strategic bomber military airbase in Russia located 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) east of Saratov. Engels is a major bomber operations base, and is Russia’s sole operating location for the Tupolev Tu-160 strategic bomber. The base has a 3,500-metre (11,500 ft) runway and about 10 large revetments. It is named after the nearby city of Engels, which is in turn named after the Communist philosopher, Friedrich Engels.

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