‘Run For Your Life As Country Devil Threatens Paul Zaza-Boi Police Afraid to take action

What seems to be a total breakdown in Totota Bong County on Tuesday, July 24, 2018 between members of the community headed by Paul Zaza-Boi and traditional leaders was when a lady identify as Edith Zaza-Boi was captured and forcibly taken to the ‘sande society’ bush. Edith was accused of insulting one of the Zoes and discussing ‘sande society’ issues. The ‘sande society’ bush is where females are initiated. It is said that female genital mutilation are normally perform in these bushes.

Paul of order to run for his life for interfering in ‘sande society’ issues after Edith Zaza-Boi was forcefully taken away to the Sande bush and reportedly brutally circumcised after she and one of the higher ups had a heated argument.

Paul Zaza-Boi came under serious attack when he led a group of citizens who decided to join him in the fight against female genital mutilation.  Paul Zaza-Boi is a businessman and an activist who have lived and worked in Totota lower Bong County for women rights group called Alliance for Woman’s Freedom.

Information gather said that a complaint was filed with the Liberia National Police the next day, July 25, 2018 but was told to hold on while they investigate the incident. It was said that nothing was done from the police angle because the Police fear for their lives and personal safety.

It can be recall that Police in Saclepea, Nimba County arrested and detained 12 members of a secret society which parade around with a country devil in connection with the alleged flogging of two persons in Gbao Buanplay Town, Zoe-Geh, in District #4.

The Country devil is a traditional masked dancer that operates in both Poro and Sande societies or bush schools, usually accompanied by several aides.

The victims, identified as Peterson Whapoe and his brother Madison Dahn, were treated at a local clinic in Saclepea of wounds they reportedly sustained at the hands of the country devil.

According to report, they were beaten so badly that they have been unable to urinate or go to the toilet for the past three days.

The NewDawn correspondent in Nimba said the incident has claimed the attention of authorities in the county. https://thenewdawnliberia.com/country-devil-flogs-2-in-nimba

The country devil is a most powerful creature that commits all kind of atrocities to men and women without any reprisal.

Speaking to reporters Paul said “I have gone to our office in Totota and saw blood many times as a sign of warning asking us to leave or facing their wharf which included death threats and also charms and voodoos designed with red thread on the door handle. They put the devil (it’s believed to be a powerful secret icon they worshipped and has the power to do whatever harmful or evil it feels to one who defied the sande). This particular incident was on August 5, 2018 at about 9 am.”

According to reports, this situation deteriorated between August – September 2018 when the country devil and followers storm the offices where Paul Zaza-Boi worked was completely vandalized thereby leaving him with no option but to escape with his entire family and moved to Monrovia temporarily and subsequently outside to a quiet and undisclosed location. Members of his family are said to be presently at this undisclosed location and are afraid that they may be hunted to produce their son to the country devil.

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