Roots FM 102.7 Sues Liberian Government

Mr. Henry P. Costa of Roots FM

The management of Roots FM has filed a motion before the Court to return all its properties seized from its radio station. According to the motion, the management of the radio station disclosed that the search and seizure warrant issued by the Ministry of Justice is illegal and does not provide substantial reasons to warrant the seizure of their properties.

According to the court document, the Roots management stated that by law the reasons provided by the Ministry of Justice on behalf of the Liberian government to seize the radio station equipment are genuine enough to believe that said reasons exist.

The defendants further in their mention that it was not necessary for the Ministry of Justice in collaboration with the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) to request the court for the issuance of the warrant to seize their properties.

On August 2, 2019, the manager of Roots FM said it wrote two letters to the Chairperson of the LTA, Ivan Brown and the Minister of Information, Lenn Eugene Nagbe requesting the renewal of their radio station’s frequency and permit, a request which was allegedly denied.

Recently the Liberian government through the Ministry of Justice ordered the closure of the radio station, and all other subsidiary radio stations because according to the government the managements of these radio stations were operating illegally since the licenses and permits expired.

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