Rival Houthi factions battle for leadership in Yemen

Supporters of Houthi rebels hold weapons during a gathering to mobilise more tribal fighters into the intensifying battlefront of Hodeidah, in Sanaa, Yemen. EPA

A quarrel over leadership led to fighting between rival Houthi factions in northwest Yemen on Saturday, reportedly leaving several dozen fighters dead.

The clashes continued into Sunday in the Magash district of Sada city, a stronghold of the rebel group which has controlled large parts of Yemen since 2014, according to a spokesman in the media centre of the Yemeni army in Sada governorate, where some pockets have been retaken by pro-government forces.

According to the spokesman, a Houthi religious figure named AbdulAdheem Al Houthi had challenged the movement’s leader Abdulmalik Al Houthi for leadership of the movement.

In return, supporters of the Houthi leader attacked homes Al Humaidan, an area affiliated with the religious leader AbdulAdheem.

The spokesman claimed dozens were also wounded in the fighting. Schisms within the Houthi movement have reportedly led to fighting in the past.

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