Rights Advocate Signs For Jestina Taylor, Schedules For Another Visa Interview

Ms. Taylor prior to her release from her hospital bed

Following serious tension between hundreds of Liberian protesters and the Liberia National Police who had gone to barricade the Catholic Hospital in order to prevent Ms. Jestina Kumba Taylor from going to the United States embassy for a scheduled visa interview aimed at seeking medical treatment abroad, finally came to a closed with the intervention of civil society groups and the network of human rights headed by Adama Dempster signed for her release and for a reschedule interview with the US embassy Visa section.

Justina Kumba Taylor, the woman who alleged she was abducted from outside her compound by unknown men, drugged, gang raped and dumped on the Robertsfield Highway and currently seeking medical treatment at the Catholic Hospital, was today stopped by  group of armed police officers from going to the US embassy for her visa interview, a situation that drew huge gathering who had gone over to allow her to leave amid presence of heavily armed police officers.

As the area became tensed, women, youth and rights groups also found interest in making sure that Ms. Taylor taken to the United States embassy for her Visa interview, earlier, assigned armed insisted while administration of the hospital became worried of the level of crowd who showed up in demand of Ms. Taylor leaving for her interview at the US embassy.

Hours later, several officials including Montserrado Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon came over to see how best the lady could be taken from the hospital in order to go to the embassy for her today’s  Visa appointment, but was denied on grounds that she must go to the Liberia National Police Headquarters for some questioning of the statements made against the Liberian government.

After a mountain pressure from the protesters in demand of Taylor to leave the hospital and go to the embassy for her Visa interview, Mr. Adama Dempster prevailed on the hospital to sign for Ms. Taylor, even though she did miss her appointment at the embassy, she was taken out by Mr. Dempster, and further promised that Ms. Taylor will be in his care until another Visa appointment is scheduled.

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