RIA could be sued for leaking JNB’s private data including CCTV footage to Abraham Godsent Wheon

Martin K. N. Kollie writes…

Roberts International Airport (RIA) has violated JNB’s right to Data Privacy which is in accordance with Section 17.40.3 of Liberia Civil Aviation Regulations, Volume XXI, No. 70, August 11, 2021. This is an easy case to win if JNB decides to file a lawsuit.

The Management of RIA leaked out his PNR data including CCTV footage for propagandistic purposes. A pro-government lackey, Abraham Godsent Wheon, uploaded JNB travel information including footage on his Facebook page yesterday. As ignorant as he is, AB thought that his action was just intended for mere “propaganda”. Who even gave this cunning weakling a law degree? If JNB decides to pursue this case, RIA could pay millions to him for breaching its own data privacy regulations of 2021.

Here is our message to all passengers traveling via RIA: Your privacy is no longer guaranteed. The safety and security of your personal data is at risk. The Management of RIA cannot be trusted with them anymore. The oath of confidentiality has been breached. Too sad for Liberia. Wheon also works for NSA Deputy Director Oldman Sam Saryon Sr. at Freedom FM. His direct access to a main opposition leader’s footage speaks to how compromised our security and intelligence systems are. No one is safe in Liberia. Everyone is at risk because you could be easily tracked/pursued. This is how they have been killing innocent people perceived to be critics of and opposed to GMW.

Here is our message to the JNB security team: Increase your alertness. At this stage, JNB needs direct protection. Begin to fully maximize all communication channels to pick up signals and intelligence. Improve your intelligence-gathering arm. It is very important. It even makes a lot of sense if you increase your manpower as well. There is nothing wrong with deploying an advanced security team before JNB can arrive anywhere. Beefing up his escort during this campaign could avert intruders/attackers. JNB is a VIP as per his status (former VP and main opposition leader). He should not be treated as a common passenger at RIA or at any public space. Don’t allow this to happen anymore. The Law protects JNB as a VIP. We have to provide maximum protection for him.

George Weah is desperate for power. He was booed again in Cape Mount County. The most inept President since 1847 is drowning. He can do just anything. Therefore, we have to put into place effective safety mechanisms and security countermeasures in order to thwart any potential plot. Abraham Godsent Wheon is on the RIA payroll as an agent provocateur. So, they gave him full access to CCTV footage(s) at RIA. This is unacceptable. Someone has to pay for this madness. If these people can go to this extent of releasing CCTV footage, that means they’ve been tracking and planning to eliminate JNB. The security of JNB needs to be beefed up.

The man who is serving as Managing Director of RIA, Martin J. Hayes, is not even a fitting high school graduate. He does not even have a certificate/diploma in Aviation and Airport Management or related field. He bought his way to an undergrad degree from AMEZU. Muyan and blue beret got him as MD at RIA. He is a pro-regime puppet. He can be pulled around at any time by Weah and his minions

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