Respect For Human Rights Is Essential For Peace & Stability In West Africa

By Hon. Kandeh K. Yumkella

The growing trend of unconstitutional and illegal overthrow of governments by the military in West Africa can be stopped and other takeovers prevented if elected leaders respect the fundamental human rights and the inalienable right of citizens to dissent.

In #SierraLeone, our development partners need to make a statement as was done ahead of #Zambian elections (in 2021).

To ignore the continued arbitrary detentions of opposition leaders since Nov 2021 is giving a green light to authoritarianism.

The latest was Sidi Tunis (Sierra Leone’s opposition APC party Spokesman). Who is next?

(Presidential election is due in Sierra Leone in 2023).

The seeds of conflict are sewn by years of bad governance and corruption.

Respecting freedom of speech and dissenting views is part of democracy.

Let’s work together to protect our democracy and build a better Salone (Sierra Leone).

For democracy to succeed, you need a strong opposition.

Dr Kandeh Yumkellah, an Economist, former senior official of the United Nations and Minister of Trade and Industry, was a candidate in Sierra Leone’s 2018 Presidential election.

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