Representee Thomas Ghousa of district number five Grand Bassa County

Representative Thomas Ghousa Takes Exception To BMMC Crisis Committee Report

Following the release of the House of Representative Special Committee report on the violent protest in Bea Mountain, Kinjor, last month, a lawmaker said that the report is anti-investment and sends a bad business image of Liberia to the outside world

Looking at the special Committee’s report from BEA MOUNTAIN mining company on the violent protest.

  1. To start with, there are NO personal allegations against Mr. Debar Allen, country Manager for BEA MOUNTAIN mining company. ALL are against the corporate entity that has positions more senior than his. So why single him out especially he being a Liberian like all those protesting and the Honorable House of Representatives.
  2. The Committee’s report did not speak to to the violence and destruction by the so-called protesters.
  3. No reference was made to the rights of the Company’ at all
  4. . The committee didn’t do justice to Mr. Allen after they said in their report that he would be invited to address himself to the allegations
  1. Everyone wants the right things should be followed by mining companies, but some decisions can affect our investment image
  2. This act of xenophobic should not be encouraged by the government because it has the propensity to the lead to tribal conflict
  3. Few years ago, there was also protest against one Jackson Suomie You from NIMBA county  and another citizen from Bomi that they were not citizens from Cape  the Mount County. Both left.
  4. The burning of the police station by the protestors was not good. Where will the police be to provide protection for the citizens and who they expect to reconstruct it?
  5. When protest was carried out against Arcelor Mittal during the regime of madam Sirleaf, she ordered that the properties destroyed be paid for by the county, from the Social Development Fund. Should that be the case or not?
  6. What if citizens of Grand Bassa, NIMBA COUNTY, Sinoe, Bomi rise up against all citizens from Cape Mount working at various companies should leave? This will be a recipe for total confusion.
  7. Our lawmakers need to be careful in my car taking some decisions when it comes to concession companies operation
  8. We read on social media that some citizens in Grand Bassa county are going to take up issues soon against citizens of Cape Mount County working in their county. Click Below

Click to listen to Representative Ghousa

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