Report: US Congress Discusses Possible Sanctions On 73 Officials Including President Weah

President George Weah

It has been reliably  learnt that due to the alleged refusal of the CDC-led Government headed by Liberia’s international soccer star, President George Manneh Weah to allow the establishment of War and Economic Crimes Court and the massive corruption in Liberia, discussions are said to be taken place at the level of the United States Congress for the imposition of sanctions on seventy three Liberian government officials including President George Manneh Weah.

According to the report featured in one of the Liberian dailies, the Hot Pepper Newspaper, quoting sources from Washington D.C., the United States Congress will also be discussing more punitive issues of travel ban and asset freeze on President George Manneh Weah and those officials linked to this situation disallowing the establishment of the Court in Liberia.

Since the ascendancy of this government, there has been numerous calls by the International Communities for the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) to be fully implemented, unfortunately, this government has reportedly played down the calls, and continues as business as usual.

On one occasion, the Liberian leader, President Weah told members of the opposition political parties that it was difficult to prosecute those who took part in the war because many of them are in his government; judging from the likes of Senator Prince Y. Johnson of Nimba County, and also former rebel leader whose faction, the defunct Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia brutally murdered a sitting President, Samuel Kanyon Doe.

Since the TRC recommendation was released calling for the establishment of War Crimes Court in Liberia, hundreds of Liberians including victims of the fifteen years sense Liberian civil war have been calling for its implementation in other to bring to justice those individuals who committed heinous crimes against innocent people.

According to the report, the Chairman of the former TRC  and Executive Director of the International Justice Group (IJG), Cllr. Jerome Verdier has been invited by the US Congress to discuss the issue of the Courts in Liberia.

The report said Cllr. Verdier will arrive in the United States from South Africa and will be received by a protective security detail, along with other top international war and economic crimes investigators.

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