Rep Yekeh Legal Team Issues Lawsuit Against President Weah For Denying His Family ‘From Traveling Abroad’

Rep Yekeh with his family during Saturday’s press conference (Photo: The Liberian Bill Board)

Montserrado County District 10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah who is also critical on the performance of the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah has reportedly issued a lawsuit against the Liberian leader for denying his family not to leave the country

The family of Montserrado District #10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah, was stopped from travelling on Saturday by authorities of the Liberia Immigration Service and the Ministry of Justice.

Addressing the press on Saturday, Hon. Kolubah said, while his family was about to board a plane to travel out of the country, after having their passports stamped, they were stopped from boarding the bus that was supposed to take them to the plane.

He said he asked immigration authorities at the airport why his family was being stopped from travelling and was informed that the order came from higher officials of government.

“I called the acting Justice Minister who number was sent to me by Hon. Fonati Koffa. I placed a call to him and he told me that the President just touched down and gave instructions that me and my family should not leave this country. I asked whether I could get my passport and he told me no. He also told me that I couldn’t get my luggage,” the District #10 lawmaker said.

Also speaking at the press conference, Mrs. Georgetta Kolubah, the wife of Hon. Yekeh Kolubah said, she was surprised that immigration officers asked her for a document to authenticate that her kids were hers.

“I told them them that last year my husband, kids and myself traveled to Lebanon and when we came back in December, we traveled to Nigeria. You didn’t request for this, why now,”

She said she was informed by immigration agents that it is a new processed that was introduced and the documents needed to be processed through the Justice and Gender Ministries. Madam Kolubah further explained that while trying to express herself, a male immigration agent insulted her and accused her of being on drugs.

Meanwhile, Hon. Kolubah said that despite President Weah issuing order to stop his family from traveling, he will not be afraid of the government and will keep speaking to issues.

Referring to President Weah as a monster and dictator, Hon. Kolubah told reporters that he is testing the court process through his lawyers, and if the process does not go fairly, he will speak directly to the Supreme Court Justice.

Said Hon. Kolubah, “I have spoken to the ECOWAS Ambassador, and have told him that the battle has just started. There will be no day I will talk to the ambassador anymore when it comes to handling situation because they are sitting and the country is going in the hole. This country is in reverse.”

He said the world is not taking Liberia serious as everywhere President Weah goes, he is welcomed with a football. Hon. Kolubah called on the United States government to stop all support to Liberia security apparatuses because they have been infested with past rebel Generals.

In a startling revelation, Rep. Kolubah informed reporters that President Weah has ordered officials to withdraw US$1 million from the accounts of the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation for the July 26 celebration. He said, the withdrawal of the amount from NASSCORP account will put the pension of civil servants in jeopardy.

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