Rep. Kofa Wants Legislation On Public University Tuition-Free Policy

Cllr. J. Fornati Koffa,

Grand Kru County Representative J. Fonati Koffa has joined calls for the legislation of President George Weah’s recent pronouncement for non-payment of tuition for undergraduate studies at public universities in Liberia.

It can be recalled that in October President Weah announced a halt to tuition payment for undergraduate students in Liberia at all public universities, the first since the independence of the nation in 1847.

Speaking to Legislative reporters at his Capitol Hill office recently, Cllr. Kofa commended President Weah for the pronouncement, adding that when the President’s statement is legislated, it will serve as a relief for incoming generations, even after President Weah’s tenure ends.

He explained that the move will promote the President’s agenda to elevate the poor from poverty in line with government’s recently launched Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD).

“I will support fully the enacting into law of the free tuition scheme as announced by the President,” Kofa said.

At the same time, Representative Kofa has described as excellent government’s Pro-Poor Agenda, adding that the vision can only be actualized if all Liberians are willing to put aside their differences and work along with the government to ensure its accomplishment.

The Grand Kru County lawmaker said there are certain key components of the economy, such as the rigorous road construction, infrastructure, increase in trade and commerce, emphasis on agriculture, among others, which will need the participation of all to ensure their accomplishment.

Cllr. Kofa, who just returned home following a visit to the United States, observed that as a result of his visit, a team of professional doctors will arrive in the country early 2019 to render services to people within the southeast of the country.

“We met and interacted with the leadership of the Grand Kru Community Development Association and during these meetings we were able to review their development vision and concept for the county and matched them with ours.

“They are currently doing chairs for county schools, and arrangement for the medical team to the southeast next year (January). Once the plan is concluded, statement will be released on the various kinds of services they will render while in Liberia,” Rep. Kofa asserted.

He explained that during his visit, he also met with some private donors in the U.S, indicating that discussions suggest a positive response from partners.

The Grand Kru lawmaker named the construction of three separate schools within the county as an immediate priority for people of his district.

“We are also trying to monitor the housing situation, the government, as you recall, isinitiating 250 housing units in the rural areas, and most of the region will be impacted by th at. So once we see where the government’s housing units are going in my district, we will target other areas that have not been served by the government housing project,” he said.


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