Rep Domah Calls For Reconciliation  – Following Political, legal Bickering After The Elections


By Reuben Sei Waylaun

In an effort to ensure harmonious relationship following tension packed legislative elections in Nimba County electoral district#7, the victorious candidate, Roger Domah is calling for peace and reconciliation gear to move the district forward.

The district formerly represented by Worlea Saywah Dunah had over ten contestants making the district to be one of the tension packed electoral districts in the county.

Following the announcement previously declaring Representative Roger Domah as the winner by the National Elections Commission (NEC), Representative Domah closest contender (Evans Koah) filed an official complaint to the NEC central office challenging the results from the October 10, 2017 polls.

This was forwarded to the Supreme Court of Liberia where the issue was finally adjudicated with the NEC declaring Representative Domah as the legitimate winner of the district’s seat.

But in order to rejuvenate the spirit of oneness following such and other misgivings in the district, Representative Domah organized an appreciation and reconciliation ceremony for the district.

Speaking at the program at the city hall in Saclepea, Representative Domah reminded all citizens that the election has come and gone and the time has come to work together for the common good of the district.

According to him, the relationship is building gradually and will soon be cemented as he has already extended an olive branch to his main challenger (Evans Koah) and other aggrieved contestants to work together and move their ‘beloved district’ forward.

“Everyone should come together. We will not succeed if we are divided. District#7 needs all of us. It was not a crime to contest, but it was unfortunate that we had only one seat which is now occupied by me,” he said.

He indicated that he is not the most qualified, best suited than others, but was just fortunate to win and as such, he doesn’t know it all.

“We should love each other to ensure that peace and reconciliation is here for others to see which will spread across the county. We need to consider each other as brothers and sisters,” he added.

At the same time, one of the contestants in the district, Baccus Zeh has vowed to work with Representative Domah by sharing his manifestoes in order to move the district forward.

Meanwhile, Representative Domah has assured the people of his district that he will work with every citizen to ensure that uncompleted projects left behind by his predecessor Representative Worlea Saywah Dunah are completed.

He said those projects were sponsored through budgetary allotments from government for citizens and as such, it cannot remain unattended.

The Unity Party (UP) stalwart said although President George Weah has said the government is broke; which he (Representative Domah) agreed with, but said they will start until the government gets funding for those projects.

“We will complete uncompleted projecta which was your taxes were used for. We will do personal initaitives until the government recovers. We will also undertake our initiatives that people will point after my first tenure,” he said.

The appreciation and reconciliation program were well-attended by citizens from the district and beyond. It was attended by lawmakers from Nimba along with Representatives Jay Nagbe Sloh from Sinoe and Ceebee Barshall of Montserrado electoral district#3 respectively.

At the program, individuals, institutions who sacrificed their busy schedules to ensure Representative Domah’s victory were certificated as appreciation.

During the program, a symbol of key purported to be for the look of the district was given to Rep. Domah by his predecessor to open the district.

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