REFLECTION: They Are Coming Again With ‘Empty Promises’, As 2023 Draws Closer – Open Your Eyes Liberians

By Joel C. Brooks*

As the year 2023 draws closer; the year declared for Liberians to go to the poll in electing another brand of leadership of Liberia, Africa’s oldest in dependence nation to steer the affairs of the country for another six years, the loudest political voices are been heard nowadays with the impression that they are the best choice for the people of Liberia.

Liberians, especially those who will be eligible to vote in that day will go to poll to determinedly to cast their ballots in favor of the person who they believed will maturely steer the affairs of their country amongst the comity of nations after their elections.

Many of those politicians with the loudest voices will declare their intention as the country’s best to showcase their wealth by making empty promises that they will rescue Liberia and Liberians from the shackle of poverty by bringing Liberia and its people to another level in a holistic manner.

Dozens of politicians both the opposition and the governing parties are preparing their political jackets to roam the corridor of the most unprivileged, and the less-unfortunate individuals placing them under the impression that for too long they have been neglected by their leaders, and that they now are here to redeem them from them and better their lives when elected.

In their quest to be elected in their preferred positions, politicians or job seekers are venturing into communities, towns and villages; those places they have not visited for decades to crave the support of people including the elderly, women and men and youth groups for them to be voted for – Yes indeed they are coming with empty promises.

They are coming again with their ‘Sweet Coated Political Tongues’ to sway the minds of the downtrodden electorates, who have over the last six years left in the  domes of solitude after voting for the last batch of people in their respective positions for the nation’s governance – They are coming again with their promises.

They’re coming again with another batch of empty big promises, claiming to be in readiness to transform Africa’s oldest Republic, Liberia and deliver it from the shackle of nepotism, the culture of impunity, and all of those vices that over the years have plunged Liberia in the state calamities and backwardness.

Liberia, the oldest Republic on the continent of Africa, but yet underdeveloped is hungry for leaders who are patriotic and nationalistic, and are prepare to drive the vehicle of peace, reconstruction and reconciliation, and not those whose primary objective is to grab and go, while the ordinary suffer for the rest of their lives.

Liberians should also pray for God’s guidance in choosing their rightful leaders during these upcoming elections in 2023, and avoid being used for cash and materials things, but rather think about the prosperity of the future of their beloved country, Liberia which is yearning for improved and better livelihood for its citizens and the unborn to enjoy.

Finally, Liberians please open your eyes during these elections, and make a choice that will be in the interest of all including the unborn children, and for the rest of the world to applaud you for such decision taken.

Written by Joel Cholo Brooks

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