Redeem Liberia

The Author, Jefferson Togba

Nearly two centuries since Liberia self-declared independence citizens only being promised by politicians and stakeholders. They make emptied speeches during campaign and never provided policies framework. They don’t deliver neither make good their promises.

Businesses are using the same ineffectiveness of accountability to their advantage to abuse citizens. They act as their governing authority. Why are Liberians not doing well in this 21st century political dispensation?

Liberians received the highest political  rhetoric as their archivements from politicians and people in power. The country needs a leader that WALK THE TALK. If not preacher men PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH. Speeches are good but much better when there are  tangible results to match them.

Almost every stakeholder wish they would do better if given the opportunity. However,failed to do the least after ascending to power.

In Liberia security is frightened.

This continues to happen in most administration. Security is really a serious challenge. This is. a harsh reality for any to deny.Do leaders understand stable security brings investors and development?

Without security,there cannot be  development.  No investor would come to Liberia if jangle mentality been practiced and exercised.  We don’t want investors who are corrupt like the government in power. I guess these are the kinds of investors operating in Liberia.

Why aren’t our Legislators questioning the supply of water and connection of electricity throughout the country.

How do they increase access to quality school system and affordable health care services.  These are basic pillars for growth and development.  Healthy people are strong actors of peace and stability.

Make law and allocate resources to provide functioning library. Access to justice and speedy trials and guaranteed security.

At the moment, security is fragile. Liberia cannot feel itself. Crimes are committed by those allegedly in authority.

Who wants to operate in volatile environment or nation where safety is vrry weak? We remembered few years ago when the president asked citizens to buy and install CCTV for their security.

Firstly,Wonderful idea if Electricity another key component of security isn’t available and affordable for ALL. Secondly, who monitors, reviews,investigates ,analyzes and concludes findings for wound be perpetrators to receive punishments?

Do you know the government is under statutory and moral responsibility to provide security and safety? The most citizens can do is report crimes, violence scenes and violators for the state actions.

These are not happening. Why? The former dismayed and sanctioned managing director of Patronal Port Authority (NPA) Bill Twehwah assigned Elite security allegedly killed a citizen on the police academy road without reason(s).

Mr. Valentine T. Johnson a motorcyclist was chased and shot to death by EPS agent-Patrick Kollie in July 2022.

There has been no outcome.  The alleged agent was disrobed and turned over to the Liberian National Police for investigation. Several months has past yet no one knows the end of that citizens cold murder case. In Liberia, security is not a comfortable service for ordinary Liberian.

It is seriously unthinkable for a lawmaker to publicly breaks the law and create chaos on a university campus.

According to sources close to

Representative Moses Acarous Gray ,he was advised by some senators and colleagues to disengage his visit to the university of Liberia campus but he chose to ignored and went in defiance to students objecting his presence.

Since that incident,the justice Minister and inspector General of Police has not spoken on the issue neither has Mr. GRAY been invited for questioning.

By now Mr Gray should be held liable for the destruction of properties, wounds inflated on students and disruption of academic activities.

The Ministry of Justice has failed the Liberian especially students because among other things -“provide effective, efficient and excellent public safety and legal services which promote the rule of law, ensure the safety and security of the public” that didn’t happen and has not happen.

Is Mr. Gray now a Tsunami where his actions and behaviors leave consequences without been reprimanded?

Rep. Gray wrote on Facebook: “Guys, you can join me on Monday at 12:30 pm for LUNCH at the University of Liberia Student Center. I, General Acarous Moses Gray, will be with my students and constituents. Thanks for your kind consideration as we peacefully meet and greet our constituents.”

Rep Gray was sinister on his “lunch ” therefore he called himself “General”.

Why would he referred to himself as “General”? This suggests that his motives and intentions was very barbaric and naive.

Political leaders and stakeholders around the globe have been boomed. Even cursed. So what?

Booming the Vice President, former and sanctioned solicitor general, finance, planning and Development minister on the UL premises should not be reasons for a self-proclaimed General and lawmaker to march with thugs to violently assault students.

Public servants mostly lawmakers must respect the law they claimed to make. Every lawless citizen must be rebuked. No position is above the law and inexcusable to be exempted from criminal behaviors. Mr. Gray must be questioned by his very colleagues and Liberia National Police as well as the justice Ministry.

It is a dangerous precedent by member of the first branch of government. Let justice be done to ALL MEN.

I suggest the government entirely relocate all undergraduates’ degrees granting programs from capitol Hill to its Fendell campus. Additionally,  The Fendell campus must create capacity to accommodate and arrange transportation systematically.

If done, the relocation should never impedes classes neither teaching faculties.

The representative lunch was geared toward  complete confusion so he organized men who are not students but aggressive force to carried out mayhem.

What value have the so called lunch given students to be more compelling for a  “self-starred general and lawmaker” who has been strongly advised by maany to stay away?

Mr. Gray behavior to marched with group of thugs on that campus been classified as lawlessness in highest offices. This is categorically condemned. It is a shame for mr. Gray to think and conduct himself  in a violence way.

His presence was brutal.  We must condemn the lawmaker and justice must prevail for victims. No one is ever above the law not even Mr. Gray.

 Where are lawmakers concern on our porous public transportations services?

We need legislators to enact laws for better and sustainable public transport systems and services. They must ensure Liberian benefit mainly the ordinary from their service to nation.

Can Liberians at the bottom of society really boast of government service deliverables fulfillment? Our rivers could be developed and designed as alternative routes to compute in and out of an over populated Monrovia and other coastal cities and counties.

Lawmakers should be visionaries in their thoughts and lawmaking processes. Their attitudes and actions should not be about power, abused and to marginalized the least among us. Liberia is too old to be treated like rag to only shine stakeholders. The massive makes leaders therefore they must be served well.

Our physically challenged and disability citizens are part of lawmaking. Many Liberians at the “Group of 77” including other organizations caring for these populations are part of national government responsibilities.

It is evidence how filthy the physically challenged people Newport street residence is. Attention is needed at these homes across the nation.

Justice does not see but serve truth to ALL. We should put Liberia first and the weak among us.

Written by: Jefferson G Togba

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  1. Jerius P Morris says

    This is what you get from a lion, when you give it your goat, so that the lion should the goat for you. What do we aspect? Liberians, we are our own problem. We give our country to people who can not manage our country for us.

  2. Jerius P Morris says

    This is what you get from a lion, when you give it your goat, so that the lion should keep the goat for you. What do we aspect? Liberians, we are our own problem. We give our country to people who can not manage our country for us.

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