Putin Congratulates U.S. President-Elect Biden After Electoral College Confirmation

In his message to Biden, Putin said he hoped the U.S. and Russia can put aside their differences and work together to solve global problems. David Lienemann / Official White House

Russian President Vladimir Putin has sent a congratulatory telegram to U.S. President-elect Joe Biden after the Electoral College confirmed his win, the Kremlin announced Tuesday.

Putin is one of the last world leaders to congratulate the president-elect, with his message coming six weeks after the Nov. 3 vote in which Biden defeated incumbent President Donald Trump. The Kremlin maintained that it would wait until the election results were officially confirmed to congratulate Biden.

Putin wished Biden success and expressed confidence that “Russia and the U.S., which bear special responsibility for global security and stability, can, despite their differences, really contribute to solving many problems and challenges that the world is currently facing.”

He added that “Russian-American cooperation based on the principles of equality and mutual respect would meet the interests of the peoples of both countries and the entire international community.”

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