PUL Vulnerable If… ..Ex-official warns

Jacob Parley

A former Executive of the Press Union of Liberia says the Union may be vulnerable by losing focus in the wake of threats of internal law suits ahead of the electoral process.

PUL Former Vice President, Jacob Parley urged those who may have qualms with the Union’s 2019 Electoral process to seek the internal review process or mediatory approach instead of  hasty    court actions.

Mr. Parley said while he recognizes the rights of other PUL members to responsibly clear whatever doubts they may have through the legal process, law suits should be the last resort.

Journalist Parley who also served as the Press Union’s first Media Alert Officer said hasty   internal law suits could divert the Union’s focus amidst concerns for a well- coordinated electoral process.

He warned against the re-play of the PUL 2013 Election that witnessed similar legal tussles, thereby delaying the voting process to the point that the Union was nearly plunged into constitutional crisis.

At the same time Mr. Parley is calling well-meaning   PUL members to embark on evidence-based, matured and issues-driven campaign, instead of using falsehood, deceit and hypocrisy to market candidates of their choice.

He equally called on the current PUL leadership to open room for dialogue with those who may have concerns   so that amicable solution is found before things go out of proportion.

“I contested PUL leadership race three times, won the debates, won once and lost twice, and to set the records straight, I have no foes, this is democracy,” Mr. Parley observed.

The former PUL executive’s comments were contained in a press statement, issued in Monrovia, Wednesday, October 30, 2019.

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