PUL Vice President Octavin Williams Describes Union’s Financial Report As ‘Dumpiest’

The Vice President of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL), Octavin Toegar Williams, has termed as the dumpiest’ the Financial Instrument authored by the Charles Coffey’s Administration, thus bringing the Union to public ridicule.

Mr. Williams in a press release said, the Instrument is not only partial but lacks ingredients for a standard Financial Report in line with best administrative practices.

In an Official Statement released in Monrovia Wednesday, 8 August 2018, the PUL Vice President categorically declared the Financial Instrument presented to the General Membership by Mr. Coffey and the Secretary General as out-right lies, deceits and only intended to positively portray their actions and in-actions.

Mr. Williams has further detached himself from all aspects of the Financial Instrument, and defied the PUL President and Secretary General to display documentary evidence linking him to the day-day-financial activities of the Union since assuming the leadership in January 2017.

The Statement quotes Mr. Williams as also challenging the PUL President and Secretary General to provide any ‘written contract’ indicating that the Union awarded a renovation work to his family or friend.

The PUL Vice President further clarified that upon assuming office, he single-handedly financed the renovation of his office and not a dime was spent by the Union as captured and insinuated in the Financial Instrument and by some elements of the media.

Mr. Williams emphasized that he’s a man of ‘dignity, prestige, influence and affluence’, and could not have waited for the PUL to renovate his office before assuming duty.

Meanwhile, the Vice President of the Press Union of Liberia has condemned in the strongest term a latest Press Statement quoting Charles Coffey that he will punish any journalist who speaks against ills in the Union.

The PUL top official described such statement as ‘inconsistent and anti-free speech’, and falls short of the true purpose of journalism, as such, it should not be promoted by the media.

At the same time, the PUL Vice President has challenged the General Membership to hold the leadership accountable, and welcomed calls by Members for the Coffey’s leadership to call the impending Extraordinary Congress that would critically discuss the just released Financial Instrument.

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