PUL Expels Member Sekou Sheriff For ‘Misconduct’, But Sheriff Challenges Expulsion

Sekou Sheriff

The leadership of the Press Union of Liberia has with immediate effect expelled one of its members, who is also a talk show host with one of the local radio stations owned and operated by an executive of the National Security Agency (NSA), Sam Saryon.

According to a press release issued by the union yesterday, said the expulsion of journalist Sheriff is a result of what the union called a displayed of rude conduct by destroying the tentative voter roll of the PUL at the union’s Headquarters on Clay Street.

The Union in the release also alleged that Sekou Sheriff, was accompanied by some unidentified Agents of the National Security Agency-NSA, the release notes.

But the man at the center stage of all this accusation has vehemently denied ever being a member of any security group in Liberia, or the NSA.

He state his expulsion by PUL President Charles Coffey was laughable and in contravention of the PUL bylaws and Constitution.

Citing provision of the PUL Constitution, Article 29,  Sekou challenged his expulsion without a decision by plenary in accordance with the PUL Constitution and bylaws.

Sekou Sheriff, quoting the PUL constitution on election procedures and processes, stated that the constitution requires that the ‘membership roll be published within 30 days to the holding of Congress’ which the Coffey led administration has refused to respect.

Meanwhile there has been mixed reaction across town on the conduct of media personnel and the leadership of the PUL ahead of its national congress.

Ordinary callers on one of the phone-in early morning talk show criticized the action by the leadership of the Union to expelled a member for election offenses without conducting an investigation to established what led to the unruly conduct of the expelled member Sekou Sheriff .

Some stated it was a dangerous precedence the leadership of the PUL and members were setting as Liberia move towards general and presidential elections in 2023.

The media should be the one setting the standards as watchdogs in society, but it’s a complete surprise to see members of that noble body conducting themselves in such manner of proceeding against their bylaws and constitution. “A caller maintained.

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