Public Works To Focus On Roads In Southeast’ – Minister

Public Works Minister Mobutu Vlah N

(LINA) – Public Works Minister Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan has vowed to prioritize road projects in south-eastern Liberia, saying that the region has over the years been abandoned and neglected by past administrations.

Serving as guest on a local radio in Monrovia on Tuesday, Minister Nyenpan said the decision follows a recent tour of the region where he was greeted by “terribly bad roads and damaged bridges.”

“I am prepared to execute the task for which I was appointed by President (George) Weah, which is to construct and rehabilitate roads and other infrastructures across the country of which the south-eastern roads are no exception,” he said.

Minster Nyenpan named the Logan Town to Mombo Town road rehabilitation project and the Beer Factory road project as some of the immediate projects he implemented upon  taking office as Minister of Public Works.

“We decided to immediately engage those roads due to a good number of potholes that impeded the smooth movement of traffic in those areas,” he disclosed.

At the same time, Minister Nyenpan has disclosed that he, on behalf of the Government of Liberia, signed the second phase of the Somalia Drive Road Project in Tokyo, Japan where he was named Co-Supervisor of the project.

The Somalia Drive road runs from the Free Port of Monrovia through Gardnerville to the commercial hub of Red Light.

He disclosed that the second phase of the road project will begin in two weeks.

Meanwhile, Minister Nyenpan has warned citizens living along the road not to build in the alleys to avoid future embarrassment of flooding.

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