Public Safety Advocate Upbeat About Mobile Police Booths

Paynesville, Montserrado County – Monday, March 12, 2024: The step taken by SAVVY Group of Companies to enhance ongoing public safety efforts by erecting mobile Police booths fitted with Closed-Circuit Television or CCTV cameras and based-phones at key points of Police details, is intriguing particularly because the signals from the cameras would not beam to the public but solely surveillance and security monitors.

Even more elating is the fact that, flanked by Liberia National Police Inspector-General Gregory Coleman, the President of Liberia Joseph Nyuma Boakai himself attended and commissioned the first of the booths to be positioned throughout Liberia, at the S.K.D. Boulevard Junction in Congo Town, Monrovia. Commissioning the security-support facility, Monrovia-based New Dawn newspaper quoted the President as saying his administration would support the Liberia National Police in whatsoever they need to protect citizens and keep the nation safe.

This particular statement attributed to the President imbues the National Safety Partnership of Liberia (NASAPAL) with increased energy to continue to advocate and take deliberate actions to help instill public safety including road safety, specifically.

Public safety being a broad field no Government of any Country can singularly provide, NASAPAL believes the concerted effort of public-private-partnership such as the initiative of the LNP and SAVVY Group of Companies worth the commendation it heaps on them largely because the effort conforms with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals # 16 which stipulates: “That sustainable development is intertwined with peace and security, each incapable of being achieved without the other stressing the need for peace, justice, and strong institutions.”

It is in similar light that NASAPAL, in a press release, applauded the Liberia Drug Enforcement Agency when it embarked on its operation across the Country to raid the dealers and users of narcotic substances including “Kush” – the newest dangerous sedative substance people feed on today.

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