Protesters and police clash in Hong Kong after peaceful march

Police use pepper spray and truncheons after protest about cross-border traders

Police use pepper spray to disperse peaceful protesters in Hong Kong

Clashes broke out between police and protesters in Hong Kong on Saturday after thousands took part in a peaceful march in an out-of-town district in Hong Kong.

After the end of the Reclaim Sheung Shui protest against parallel traders who snap up goods such as foreign-made formula milk, medicines and soy sauce for reselling in China in the town near the mainland border, hundreds of protesters put on goggles, face masks and hard hats and occupied the streets around the train station, which had been cordoned off for the police-sanctioned demonstration earlier.

The scene descended into chaos near a shopping centre shortly after 5pm local time. People rushed to rally outside a community hall, where a police van was parked and a protester was reportedly held by the police. Some dismantled roadside metal barriers and set up makeshift barricades and faced off with police officers on several streets.

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