Protesting RIA Employees Hold Africa World Airline Aircraft Hostage, Make Demands

Protested Employees of the Roberts International Airport (RIA), Liberia’s international airport have reportedly grounded and held hostage the aircraft of the Africa World Airline in demand of overpaid salaries by the management of the airport.

According to one of the spokespersons of the protested employees who spoke to the GNN, said the employees took the decision to halt all activities at the airport due to the failure of the management to see reason in settling their overpaid salaries.

The protestors, mainly contractors on Thursday embarked on a go slow strike in demand for their two months pays and demanding to be paid off before an Arab company takes over three departments.

The head of the aggrieved workers, Henieh Dorbor told this paper by phone Thursday that   management has refused to make  two months’ pay to them.

Besides the   two months arrears, the management of RIA has outsourced the flight maintenance, Cargo handling and other areas to a Kuwaiti company-NAS.

According to them, they are not objecting to the outsourcing the three places.

“But management is telling us that we   should be with the new company for one year on probation after which they will decide our fate. If they do not take us after one year, they can decide to lay us off. We think this is bad labor practice.  If they do not need us, let them pay us off and go,” Dorbor said.

This action is expected to affect the movement of plight today.  They are calling on the ministry of Labor to intervene.

Detail will follow in our subsequent posting

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