Protest On Independence Day Celebration Turns Chaotic

Protest action engulfs Independence Day celebration, as campus based Student Unification Party clashes with CDC Council of Patriots

The protest action, according to our reporter, turned chaotic when members of the CDC Council of Patriots led by Ben Togba engaged in a counter protest against students who assembled to read their petition under the banner “Fix the Country.”

Our reporter added that a stalwart of the Student Unification Party, Christopher Walter was severely beaten and paraded naked by the CDC council of patriots’ right at the perimeter of the U.S. embassy up Snipper Hill.

The incident was carried on in the full view of some Police Officers who could not promptly intervene.

After being chased by the CDC Council of Patriots, the stalwarts of SUP regrouped around the Somali Drive area with their Chairman Mustapha Kanneh saying they were not deterred by the action of the CDC Council of Patriots.

Source: OK FM Liberia

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