Protest Against Bea Mountain Genuine or for Selfish Reasons?

Investigation into recent protests against Bea Mountain Mining Corporation (BMMC) has revealed that the protesters are pushing their ‘own selfish agenda’ and not in the interest of the citizens of Kinjor and other communities in Grand Cape Mount.

It can be recalled that some ‘thugs’ under the influence of Sando Wayne on Tuesday evening February 13, 2024 attempted to stage a violent protest against Bea Mountain in Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County to fulfill their selfish interest.

Citizens of communities in the territories of the company that are already benefiting from the numerous development initiatives of the company say they were shocked when they saw a group of people believed to be citizens of their communities protesting on their behalf.

Those ‘self-proclaimed aggrieved citizens’ presented thirty-eight (38) counts against the company. Among other counts, they demanded the establishment of a County Management Team (CMT) which according to them should comprise of Mr. Sando Wayne who once worked with the company as Government and Community Relations Manager and Mr. Henry Vincent who also worked as Community Relations Superintendent respectively.

For Sando Wayne, members of these communities are wondering why he didn’t do these things for the communities when he served as a senior manager in the company, but rather negotiated a nice termination package in 2020.

The two former employees were dismissed for acts against the standards of the company and have since been gallivanting and spreading lies and masterminding other malicious acts against the company.

Besides, there is no laydown provision in the Mineral Development Agreement (MDA) or the Decent Work Act that calls for the establishment of a Country Management Team and mandating the company to employ the two former employees at all cost.

In an interview one of the top Managers of the company who begged not to be named, he stated that “We do agree that by now, there should be top managerial positions given to qualified Liberians; though not only Cape Mountainians within the MNG/BMMC administration. But are you also aware that currently, there are some Cape Mountainians and Liberians serving as Human Resource Managers, HR Superintendent, CR Supervisors, Health and Safety Manager, Department Supervisors, Operational Department including; supervisors, superintendents, Transport Office, among others?”

Located in Kinjor, Grand Cape Mount County, Bea Mountain is cognizant of her obligations to its host communities and has among other things implemented several projects across Grand Cape Mount County.

One of such projects is a modern TVET School in Kinjor, Gola Konneh District.  The school will enable citizens of the Western Region of Liberia and workers to acquire the requisite technical skills.

BMMC has also constructed clinics in Kinjor, greatly helping to meet the health needs of citizens of the area. The company has over the years provided, and is still providing stipends to health workers and teachers with its host communities. BMMC has also rehabilitated major roads in the county, including; the Kinjor to Daniel Town Road, Kinjor to Jenneh Brown, Kinjor to Jikandor, Jikandor to Malina roads among many others.

On the issue of sanitation, in New Liberty, BMMC has from time to time constructed and repaired hand pumps in communities such as Kinjor, Jawajeh, Blain, Deayelle, Jenneh Brown, Jikandor, Malina, Korma, Vai Town, Silent Hill, Jendema, and Massakpa in the Mtambo Corridor.

Also, in May 2022, Bea Mountain through an MOU with citizens of the host communities introduced the Clan Development Fund primarily intended to implement community driven projects in three clans, Darblo, Mana and Laar, in Gola Konneh District, Grand Cape Mount County. Annually, BMMC gives a total of US$150,000 to each of the three-clans amounting to US$450,000. Since its introduction, Bea Mountain has disbursed the sum of US$900,000 under the Clan Development initiative.

In line with the Mineral Development Agreement, (MDA) BMMC has contributed over US$1.5 million as social development fund to Grand Cape Mount County, an amount that has been stalled in the county’s account for some political reasons.

Meanwhile, citizens who are already benefiting from the company believe the protesters are pushing their own agenda and not for the communities.  According to them, if the aggrieved protesters really love them, they should instead petition leaders of the county to put the fund to use.

The citizens said “We think that the organizers of the planned protest should petition the National Legislature through the Caucus of Grand Cape Mount County to look at what is within the MDA between Bea Mountain, the Government of Liberia, and affected communities where the company is operating. Whether there should be some amendments or a review of that very MDA.”

The accused individuals couldn’t be reached through calls. They didn’t respond to the text messages sent to them for their response to the allegations levied against them.

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