“Prosecute Corrupt Officials” – USAID Liberia Mission Director Urges

By Amos Harris |

The Mission Director  of the United  States   Agency   International  Development  (USAID), Jim  Wright   has called on  the  government  of  Liberia to implement the policies on  corruption and  prosecute  those  responsible  for  corruption in the country.

Speaking   recently during  the opening of the  four  day  joint  sectoral  portfolio performance  review  (JSPPR)  dialogue  at the  Balla Casa  hotel  in Monrovia, the Liberia long  Development Partner noted  that  corruption prevents  the  government and people of Liberia  from  realizing   their goals  toward  social  and economic  development  as well  as job   creation.

HE said  USAID   has  spent  millions of dollars  that   touch  virtually  every  aspect of Liberian  society  that  cover  health, education, agriculture, electricity, water and  sanitation, civil  society, private  sector growth  and governance.

Director Wright noted that USAID is interested in hearing how the government is thinking about its development plans and priorities. also they are to increase accountability and transparency in the management of public plans to increase accountability and transparency in the management of public resources.

For his part, the director minister of economic  Affairs  at the ministry of finance  and development  planning  said  the joint  sectorial  portfolio  performance  review dialogue  will serve  as an industry  to  those who have  been appointed  in order for them  to know  what  is  happening  within   their  sector.

He said it is  important to have a dialogue  on the  issues  of joint  sectoral  performance review so  that  stakeholders can harness  that sectoral plan  of their entities.

The Deputy  Minister  noted  that USAID designed  and implemented  our programs  within  the framework  of a  five years  strategy  adding  we will  be desiring a consultation  with our  government counterpart as a national  drive of  this  government.

Also making remarks, United Nations representative Mr.  Spencer Weah noted that the U.N. system is supporting the national government   Agenda   of Liberia.

He said  the UN  remains  committed  to supporting the government  arrest  Agenda and noted  that most of  the  U.N. programs  are  founded  by  partners and  CO-founded  by   the government.

The country manager of the African Development Bank, Mr.  Alfred Karnue   said the government should cut down need   for domestic resources adding, should ownership since the president is out for transparency and accountability.

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