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Prophet Key Who Usually Belittles Women On His Platform Preaches Morality, Cautions People To Live Right With God

A moment of shock took over worshippers Sunday, February 18, 2024 when a Moroccan based Liberian, social media personality, Nayaborqua Oldpa Yeazeahn alias Prophet Key, grabbed the congregation’s attention during a routine Sunday service at Christ Chapel of Faith Ministry of controversial Senator Prince Johnson, leaving his usual outspoken demeanor, delivering a closing prayer that left attendees and Facebook followers mesmerized.

Nimba County Senator Prince Yormie Johnson, acknowledging Prophet Key’s influence, handed him the microphone, setting the stage for an unprecedented collaboration. In a heartfelt prayer delivered in the GIO (Dahn) vernacular, Prophet Key invoked blessings upon every head in the audience, symbolically representing a call for renewed prosperity and cultural revival in Liberia.

When pressed about rumors linking him to the culture ambassador position allegedly promised by President Joseph Nyumah Boakai, Prophet Key clarified that no such commitment had been made by the Liberian leader to him instead his interest in the role emerged organically, fueled by a deep concern for Liberia’s declining cultural identity under Ambassador Judee Endee’s leadership.

Expressing his heartfelt observations, Prophet Key voiced the distressing reality that many Liberians are gradually losing touch with their cultural heritage. Unveiling ambitious plans to establish a dedicated culture center for Liberia, a sanctuary aimed at preserving and promoting the nation’s rich traditions.

Beyond his online persona, known and candid critiques, Prophet Key envisages a holistic cultural revival. His commitment extends beyond the pulpit, reflecting a genuine desire to impact Liberia’s cultural landscape positively.

He said judgement is coming soon so people should change the way they talk, live and even relate to others. While Key was preaching, he lay his cow tail on the pulpit  and began to shake it while speaking..

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