Profile Of The Week: The Man Stanton A. Witherspoon; Liberia’s True Nationalist

Mr. Stanton Witherspoon, CEO Spoon Network

This week the management of this platform, which has been around for over two decades,  and has over sixteen million browsing hits worldwide, is pleased to once again feature one of Liberia’s true nationalists, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Spoon Network, Mr. Stanton A. Witherspoon whose humanitarian contributions has no border.

His institution, the Spoon Network which operates one of Liberia’s biggest media platforms includes the Spoon TV and Radio has overly won the hearts and minds of many Liberians for its professional programing and services.

According to informed sources closed to this platform, the Spoon Network of Mr. Witherspoon has over the years empowered many young Liberians through its many subsidiaries considered in the country as the leading media outlet due to the level of professional services.

Mr. Witherspoon who is passionate about using multimedia with over several years of experience working & learning with internationally recognized organizations and institutions has been doing all in his professional powers to rescue Liberia from the dungeon of unprofessional journalistic circle to a modern and refined state of the Liberian media services.

Since the establishment of his media empire which include TV and radio stations, the taste of professional broadcasting has been noted by many Liberians and foreign residents for professional services to the people of Liberia and the subregoin providing credible news and information; every sector of the Liberian society usually glue to the radio sets to listen and view Spoon news services.

Despite his passion for professional media services, GNN-Liberia Profile of the Week who is also a humanitarian last year, 2021, his Foundation such a kindness when a cash purse of US$10,000.00 was presented to Leroy Archie Ponpon who got burnt on the grounds of the Temple in demand of his just salary.

With victims of the New Kru Town Stampede

Similar humanitarian gesture of Mr. Witherspoon’s Foundation also extended its humanitarian services to a young Liberian Emmanuel Tolue, a motorcyclist who found a bag of US$50,000.00 that was reportedly dropped by a businesswoman and returned same to its rightful owner. For this, the Foundation of Mr. Witherspoon raised a little over US$10,000.00 for Tolue for his honesty.

According to additional information of his kind gesture, the Witherspoon recently aided another young Liberian whose tongue was slashed by his from during a fist fight.

As his humanitarian hands have no border, Mr. Witherspoon and his team made their presence felt when he paid a visit to New Kru Town to sympathize with the family members of the January 19, 2022 stampede. He and his Team met the victims’ families at the New Kru Town, where he made a cash purse of US$15,000.00.00 in order to identify with people who lost family members and those who got injured.

Additionally, the Spoon Crew extended their visitation to the Redemption Hospital to appreciate healthcare workers for their contributions towards saving lives.

At Redemption Hospital, the Chief Executive Officer of the Spoon Group of Companies promised to make available five thousand United States Dollars as compensation to the employees of the hospital due to their contributions.

As a God person, our profile of the week, Mr. Stanton A. Witherspoon, also have a platform called, God can bless anybody. This platform is putting meal on the table for many Liberians every Sunday. There’s no one in Liberia going to school answering questions in class and been paid for that. Is not about how many questions you answered that makes you to get what you got every Sunday.

The management is overwhelmingly excited to name this Liberian who based in the United States as its Profile of the Week.

This slot is one of our regular pages of the week.

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