Profile Of Liberia’s Youngest Female Chief Of Protocol, Nora Finda Bundoo Commonly Call ‘The Rescue Mother’

Ambassador Nora Finda Bundoo, Chief of Protocol

GNN-Liberia profile lens this week finds its expedience to highlight the Chief of Protocol of the Liberian presidency, Ambassador Finda Nora Bundoo, popularly call ‘Rescue Mother’, her commitment and nationalistic role in the office of the Liberian Chief Executive has been captured by the GNN-Liberia.

Initially a business oriented woman, is a product of the nation highest institution of learning, the University of Liberia (UL), and a graduate of the prestigious College of West Africa (CWA) has been admired by many Liberians including foreign residents for her commitment to duty in serving the Liberian people satisfactorily.

According sources closed to the GNN Liberia, Ambassador Bundoo ,may described as ‘Rescue Mother’ has always been there to dignity to many through her humanitarianism; available at most times to providing helping hands to those who are distressed and finding themselves in an unbearable situations

‘Rescue Mother’ as she is call nationwide, according to many who spoke to the GNN Liberia described her humanitarian services without boarder, is proudly available to coming to the rescue of anyone who drowning in any situation that they cannot overcome

Speaking via mobile phone, a resident from the southern city of  Fishtown, Rivergee, Daniel Q. Hinneh poured praises on the Chief of Protocol, Ambassador Bundoo for her numerous financial assistance to residents in the county, stressing, “Ambassador Dundoo is doing very well in our county, we are praying daily for her, many of us have seen her contributions towards of people, and the presidency as Chief of Protocol”, He told the GNN Liberia.

In an exclusive with the GNN Liberia, some staffers to the presidency who also spoke to the GNN Liberia could not withhold their joy due to the level of cordiality between Ambassador Bundoo and them, noting that she is a wonderful woman who always refusing to see people suffer due to the unbearable situation that could easily be settled.

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