Prison officer shoots herself dead after fleeing with dangerous fugitive in three states manhunt

By Will Taylor

Vicky White, right, shot herself after being accused of helping dangerous Casey White, left, to flee. Picture: Alamy

A US prison officer shot herself and a “dangerous” fugitive has been caught after a manhunt across three states and a dramatic police chase.

Vicky White, an Alabama jail official accused of helping spring Casey White, no relation, died in hospital after turning a firearm on herself.

Casey White gave himself up after they were tracked down and US Marshals crashed into their vehicle in Evansville, Indiana.

The 56-year-old’s death could make it harder for investigators to discover why a respected prison worker would change her life to help free the 38-year-old inmate, who has a violent history and was awaiting trial in a capital murder case.

“We got a dangerous man off the street today,” Lauderdale County Sheriff Rick Singleton of Alabama said before Vicky White’s death.

“He is never going to see the light of day again. That is a good thing, for not just our community. That’s a good thing for our country.”

Police began their hunt for the two after Vicky White, who worked as assistant director of corrections at Lauderdale County Jail, allegedly helped Casey White escaped.

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