President Weah’s Watch Night Preaching Viewers Hit 79,792 On ‘FB’

The recent opening of the Forkay Klon Jlaleh Family Fellowship Chapel by its founder, President George Manneh Weah which coincided with the Watch Night has drew the attention of thousands of listeners and viewers from around the world hitting over 79,792 on the social media platform, the Face Book.

The hall of the Forkay Klnon Jlaleh Family Fellowship Chapel was jammed parked to the capacity by government officials, well-wishers, friends and family members to listen to the chief patron of the Chapel, President George Manneh Weah who dramatically took the stage to deliver his Watch Night sermon.

Amid thunderous applauds from the audience the Liberian leader dressed in a beautifully made white gown used the occasion to lambast some of those he said in his government to sabotage the government with the objective for his administration to fail.

Speaking, the Liberian leader whose preaching at the Watch Night centered around those he called detractors said, “You’re a minister in this government, but you want to sabotage the government; you’re a deputy and want to sabotage this government, how can you destroy your own talent?” he asked as the entire congregation threw out applauds to the President for his preaching which eventually turned to political rally.

He also used the occasion to called Liberians to do away with distractions, adding, “Those who are causing distractions will not succeed; while those who are calling for the failure of my government, their plans will failed,” President Weah told the audience.

Our reporter who spoke to some of those who were at the Watch Night said the admired the  preaching of the Liberian leader ,and further  said they are impressed with the presentation of President Weah, noting, “His message  inspired many of us in government to be mindful of detractors; it was very cleared that indeed there are some individuals in government who are not committed to this government,” Nathaniel K. James a resident of the Rehab Community in a chat with the GNN said.

Like James, others who spoke to our reporter expressed similar view about the President’s message noting that his message which was not taken from a Bible, was likewise a warning to his officials who he considered as detractors.

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