President Weah Makes More Appointments in Government

President George Weah has made additional appointments in Government affecting the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Insurance Corporation of Liberia

Those appointed include:

Mr. Thomas N. Woart   –        Managing Director, National Insurance Corporation of Liberia

Local Government Nominations

Maryland County

Nyema Kubie – County Project Planner

John Nyemah                 –        Relieving Commissioner, Karluway Statutory Dist.

Solomon W. Brown       –        Manolu Township, Karluway Statutory Dist.

Francis Collins               –        Gbeaken Township, Karluway Statutory Dist.

Tenkun D. N. Dickson   –        County Relieving Commissioner

Joe Julu                          –        Dist. Commissioner, Wlegboken County District, Barrobo Dist.

Aloysius Weah              –        Township Commissioner, Pogbaken Township, Karluway Statutory Dist

Oretha Smith                 –        Township Commissioner, Weteken Township, Karluway Statutory Dist

Moses H. Weah              –        Relieving Commissioner, Barrobo Statutory District

Alexander Q. Wlateh      –             Land Commissioner

Garrison Claychyeh–Land Commissioner, Karluway Statutory District

Grand Gedeh County

Mr. Albert Monwen       –        Assistant Superintendent for Development, Gbarzon Statutory Dist.

Mrs. Constance Chea     –        Township Commissioner, Tolbertville Township, Gbarzon Statutory Dist.

Mr. Elijah J. Gaye                    –        Township Commissioner, Zleh-Borkey Township, Gbarzon Statutory Dist.

Mr. Sam Roland Doe     –        City Mayor, Tuzon City

Mr. Elijah Zabay            –        Dist. Inspector. Gboe-Ploe Administrative Dist.

Mr. George Gbarwea     –        Relieving Commissioner, Gbarzon Statutory Dist.


Mr. David G. Jillah        –        Dist. Inspector, Cavalla Administrative Dist.

Margibi County

James Weetor                –        Township Commissioner, Borlorla Township

George Cooper               –        Township Commissioner, Lakayta Township

Anthony Brown             –        Township Commissioner, Scheiflin Township

  1. Marx Lloyd – Township Commissioner, Charlesville Township

Aduphus Tagai              –        District Commissioner, Mambahn District

Roland S. Johnson                   –        Township Commissioner, Cinta Township

Obediah Miller Lugar     –        Township Commissioner, Gibi Township

Abraham Garway          –        District Commissioner, Kabah District

Saye Kiah                       –        District Commissioner, Farmington District

Sundayway Thompson  –        Township Commissioner, Lloydsville Township

Momo V. Corneh          –        Relieving Commissioner

Joe A. Dorah                 –        Land Commissioner

Roberts Williams           –        City Mayor, Marshall City

Charles S. Karlon          –        Superintendent, Mboo Statutory District

Emmanuel C. Stevens    –        Development Superintendent, Mboo Statutory District

Aloysius Namue             –        Assistant Superintendent for Fiscal Affairs

David Somah – County Project Planner

These appointments are subject to confirmation by the Honorable Liberian Senate where applicable.

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