President Weah Makes Appointments In Grand Kru County Local Government

President George Manneh Weah

President George Manneh Weah has made further appointments in government, affecting the local government of Grand Kru County, mainly the statutory districts of Kplio/Gbetao, Grandcess/Wedabo, Trehn, Dorbor and others.

These appointments include the following.

Kplio/Gbetao statutory district

Name Position  Community

Moses H. Toe District Inspector Kplio/Gbetao statutory district

Daniel D. Nimely City Mayor Henriesville City/Filorken

Koko Warmyeneh Relieving Commissioner Barclayville County District

Agatha Swen District Commissioner Pinicess district

Jerome Togba Township Commissioner Seedeesville Township/Fleneken

Thomas Kantan Township Commissioner  Wutuken Township

Abraham B. Gray Commissioner Barclay Ville Administrative District


Name Position Community

Nathaniel Konmana Nyanneh District Commissioner Grandcess/Wedabo District

Isaac Nyea District inspector Grandcess/Wedabo District

Emmanuel Doe Township Commissioner Elizabeth Collinsville Zoloken

Joseph N. Martin Township Commissioner George Henry Township

Francis Charlie, Jr. City Mayor Grandcess City

Jack Pleeyah City Mayor  Wedabo City

Matthew Doe Relieving Commissioner Grandcess/Wedabo District

Johnson Nyanneh District Land Commissioner Grandcess/Wedabo District


Name  Position Community

Joseph Kpor Dev.Sup. Trehn Statutory District  Trehn Statutory District

Benson Nemah, Jr. District Inspector Trehn Statutory District

Fred Hinneh Relieving Commissioner Trehn Statutory District

Sunday Poe District Commissioner Bleebo County District

Johnson Gbor Polley District Commissioner Trehn County District

Amos Nyekan City Mayor Bleebo City

Thomas Nugba City Mayor Wortiken City

Sampson Wantue Township Commissioner  Dougbo Township

Willson Wiefue  City Mayor Behwan  City

James B. Toe  City Mayor  Sorroken City

Jimmy Dioh Township Commissioner Gbanken Township

Isaac Tarpeh  Township Commissioner Wutuken Township

Van Sieh Harmon District Commissioner Garraway District

Annie S. B. Hinnie City Mayor  Garraway  Beach

Roland Nyanford Township Commissioner  Nyanbo Township

Steve Natt Township Commissioner Garraway Township

Moses Blanyon  Township Commissioner  Sawken

Emmanuel Keah City Mayor  Nemiah

Levi Williams Township Commissioner Andrewville

  1. Blamo Toe City Mayor Genoyah City

Jlaklon Wah City Mayor  Nifa City

Steve Jlaklon Township Commissioner Nifa township


Name Position Community

Karkon Doe  District Inspector  Dorbor Dist.

  1. Toe Keah District Commissioner Bolloh Amd. Dist.

Tommy Greenfield  District Commissioner Fanitoe Amd. Dist

Melvin Tuwray  City Mayor Wasaweh City

  1. Weah Dweh, Sr. City Mayor Barford City

Wilbert B. Teah City Mayor Simonoh City

Isaac Toe  City Mayor  Ducor City

Blaford Nimene City Mayor Kayteah City

Jerome Wisseh City Mayor Snoh City

Dixon Pannoh District Commissioner Dorbor District

Osaka Teah Relieving Commissioner  Dorbor District

Harrison Wisseh  Township Commissioner Bolloh Township

Victor Sieh Township Commssioner  Barwon Township

Wilson Nimenyou Township Commissioner Nimenyouville Township

Benjamin  B. Tweh Township Commissioner Weayan Township

Leslie Somah City Mayor Kaykp City


Name Position Community

Leo Toe  District Dev. Sup Jrao

  1. Wred Seplah District Commissioner Felo/Jrao Ekwi Amd dist

A Monu Blamo City Mayor Sasstown City

Vincent N. Putu District Commissioner Weslo/Nrokwia Amd, Dist

Paul W. Nagba City Mayor  Nrokwia City

Edward Wlegbe Township Commissioner  Wessah Township

  1. Dargbe Wreh Township Commissioner Sloyen Township

Charles Tarjeh Nimene Township Commissioner Wlojulu Township

Patrick Giple District  Inspector Jrao

Edward Portee Sasstown City Inspector Sasstown City

Franklin K. Swen Nrokwia City inspector Nrokwia City

Mula N. Doe Relieving Commissioner Jrao statutory district




Morris Chea District inspector  Jloh statutory district

Augustine Nimely  District Commissioner Lower Jloh Amd. Dist

Aaron Togba  District Commissioner Central Jloh Amd, dis

George N. Weah  City Mayor  Betu City

  1. Kunwon Worjah City Mayor Nifu/Botra city

Thomas Sonpon City Mayor Wappi City

Francis Jappo District Commissioner Upper Jloh Amd

Oliver Trueh City Mayor Nipakpo City

Philip S. Toe Township Commissioner Neroh/patay Township

Sampson Sarkpah Township Commissioner Torbetrville/Nero Township

Jarwiah Swen District Commissioner Jloh Statutory District

Anthony Fannoh Relieving Commissioner Jloh Statutory District




  1. Wiah Slor Jr. District Commissioner Gee Amd, District

Alphonso S. James District Commissioner Buah Amd District

Thomas Dugbe District Commissioner Kpi Adm  District

Hepton J.Koffa City Mayor  Gee City

Amos S.Sioh City Mayor  Lonta City

Wreh Sayon City Mayor Tarlu City

Larry Nyanfore Township Commissioner Blouboville/Teahville Township

Victor Julu Farhm District Commissioner Wilsonville Township

Ben Kayjlay District Inspector  Buah District

Madam Jaylee Doe Relieving Commissioner Buah Statutory District

Steven Weah Township Commissioner Smithville Township

Sabastine  Karpeh Township Commissioner Tuoville Township

Wilson N. Weah Township Commissioner Mark Tieh Township



Name  Position Community

Micheal Tweh  Statutory District Superintendent  Forpoh

Elijah Toe District Commissioner  Wrogba Adm. Dist.

Jackson Nyaneh District Commissioner Dweh Adm. Dist.

Joseph  Boye  Fannoh  District Commissioner  Forpoh Adm. Dist.

Lasco Jlatuh City Mayor Pennoh City

Emmanuel W. Talar City Mayor Alawala City

Anthony S. Doe City Mayor  Parlukan City

Francis Swen Township Commissioner Forpoh Township

James C. Wotoe Township Commissioner Pennoh Township

Vincent W. Nagba District Inspector Forpoh  District

Dixon C. Taypoh  City Inspector Parlukan City

Susan Weah City Inspector  Alawala City

Gabriel M. Nyanyi Township Commissioner Sarjiajilipleh  Township

Borbor  Wion Relieving Commissioner Forpoh Statutory District

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