President Weah Is Said To Be Prioritizing Foreign Companies Over Liberian Owned As GNN Investigation Discovered

Minister of Public Works, Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan

Liberian owned construction companies, many of whom are registered with the Liberian government and have employed dozens of unemployed Liberians are said to be finding it difficult in obtaining contracts from the Ministry of Public Works, while dozens of foreign owned companies are said to be benefiting from the Liberian Government through the awarding of contracts.

Liberian owned construction companies are one way of the other downsizing its workforce due to the lack of contracts from the nation’s largest employer, the Liberian Government, while their foreign partners are flourishing as a result of surplus contracts being awarded to them by the government.

Some Liberian engineers and owners of construction companies who spoke to the GNN expressed frustration over government’s decision to sideline them in the awarding of contracts to them, but rather prioritized those they claimed are foreign owned companies being operated by Lebanese and Chinese.

“SFF Construction Company, owned by a Lebanese national, Mr. Shawki Fawaz has been given several contracts that Liberian contractors as well can do. I even understand another Lebanese, Mohammed Bitta of the Bitta Construction Company has been hired to undertake all President Weah’s construction works including the 14 Army Hospital; it is not fair for us in the industry,” Abraham Daniels, a concerned Liberian who spoke to the GNN noted.

According to our investigation, Beta has been a friend of the President for years, and also given preference whenever construction work from the presidency is available, but this, for some Liberians who spoke to the GNN described as unfair for Liberian constructors who are also qualified to perform as their foreign partners.

Our source also revealed that the Minister of Public Works in more cases prioritized by awarding contracts to foreigners, while his compatriots who are seek similar contracts are left out of the game.

Efforts by the GNN to contact the Minister of Public Works, Mobutu Vlah Nyenpan has not been successful as his phone lines always rank endlessly. Our reporter who also visited the ministry was always left in darkness as those at the Public Relations offices were also hard to reach.

Our investigation continue.

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