President Weah Gets Tough, Orders Officials To Declare Assets

President George M. Weah

Liberian President George Weah has ordered those officials who are yet to declare their assets to do so in one week or face punitive action consistent with law.

The President warned that the asset declaration under his regime will be enforced to the letter and there will be no sacred cows.

This move comes in affect after the President who during his election campaigns promised the people of Liberia that once in power; his government would adopt a zero tolerance posture against corruption.

The President had also been in Violation of the country’s code of conduct which mandates officials to declare their assets before assuming office.

The President declared his assets six months after taking office and as a result of public pressure.

According to the anti-corruption commission, so far, 25% members of the executive branch of government have filled in their asset declaration.

The commission adds that majority of people in the judiciary have complied, but none of the 103 MPs have yet obliged to the order.

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