President Weah Explains What Led To His Early Decision To Concede Runoff Elections

President Weah explains why he instantly conceded defeat just before the pronouncement and declaration of the winner of the runoff election by the National Election Commission (NEC).

The Outgoing President of Liberia, Liberian leader, George Manneh Weah spoke at his Forky Jlaleh Family Fellowship Church last Sunday, and further blamed executives, partisans, and supporters of his party the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) for allowing victory to slip away something he said was caused by the lack of unity in the party.

The President said he could not allow himself to be used as a sacrificial lamb to have allowed civil unrest in Liberia that would have seen innocent people being killed only to satisfy the interests of his colleagues, loyalists, and stalwarts of the CDC.

“We couldn’t sacrifice our children, friends, families, for people’s desires; I didn’t take a decision, as I recognized we were defeated because we defeated ourselves and there was no need to fight.”

He said division among CDCians, fighting one another for power is the primary cause for them losing the election and he as President, didn’t want bloodshed in Liberia.

He disclosed that the Coalition has been self-destructing characterized by internal wrangling without pursuing a common goal of winning the election, stating that CDcians refused to unite; rather, campaigning against one another, which caused them to lose focus on the poll, something, he describes as disunity that highly attributed to their defeat.

“We cannot be together in unity with defeat; there was complete disunity, where some people fielding candidates against our candidates because they feel they have small funds. We were fighting each other that is what happened”, President Weah said.

“People had asked me, “Mr. President, what has happened and I don’t have to answer and can only try to answer because it’s what it’s, and I’m sure you will understand that it’s almost impossible for fifty (50) persons to pass through a single-narrow-door at the same time. There must be one at a time like the Bible says – a Children of Succession. If one person’s there, let the person be there until they are removed; then the next person comes in, but in CDC, everybody wants to be there at the same time, fighting each other.”

President Weah further that if the CDC must make a stronger comeback in 2029, there should be unity among CDCians because they cannot be divided and be victorious comes 2029.

“I hear somebody saying in 2029, we will bounce back; we will only bounce back if we are sincere to ourselves; stop the division, apply the rules, and support the party and those on the party’s tickets”.

The President Spoke on Sunday, 26th November at the Forkly Klon Jlateh Family Fellowship Church in the Baptist Seminary community, ELWA, Paynesville.

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