President Weah Dedicates New Steel Rod Factory in Gardnersville

President Weah speaking at the ceremony
Photo Credit: Executive Mansion

Liberia, under the leadership of His Excellency, President George Manneh Weah, is rolling out new development patterns that were hardly seen in the country’s 170 years of existence. The latest of such emerging waves of developments since the ascendancy of President Weah is a modern steel rod factory, the first to be built and operated in Liberia.

On Tuesday, July 23, 2019, the President of the Republic dedicated the huge steel factory constructed and owned by Sethi Ferro Fabrik Inc., one of the country’s longstanding business partners.

In dedicating the factory, the Liberian Leader expressed gratitude to the management of Sethi Ferro Fabrik Inc. for undertaking such a huge investment in Liberia.

“I am glad today that, in my time, Liberia has got the first steel rod factory,” the President said, indicating that the construction of factory would change the paradigm of trade in a country that has long depended on imported goods and materials.

“All we know in this country is that we import steel rods and other things from Ghana and elsewhere,” he said lightheartedly. “Today, I am proud because I can tell Ghanaians that we are now a steel rod producing country.”

The President expressed the hope that the construction of the steel rod factory, which is a big investment by an Indian-owned company in Liberia, would positively impact the economy.

“We, Liberians, blame the Fulanis; we blame the Lebanese and the Indians. Why are we blaming these people for our economic woes?” the President quipped. “I understand the banks are losing customers simply because those who have the financial capability are of different nationalities. It’s time for Liberians to develop confidence in their own economy and in their own government. It’s time for Liberians to take initiatives.”

President Weah said in the situation where the Lebanese, Indians and Fulanis are not citizens, they will only work here and eventually wire their monies to their respective countries, apparently referencing Liberia’s laws that abhor dual citizenship.

The Liberian Leader used the occasion to read a letter written to him by Liberian economist, Samuel Jackson, in which he laid out the fundamental economic problems affecting the country dating back to the presidency of Edward J. Roye in 1870, William V.S. Tubman and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

In his letter, Jackson informed President Weah it was important for every Liberian to understand that the current state of affairs is not the making of his government.

Earlier, the management of the Sethi Ferro Fabrik thanked President Weah and the government of Liberia for creating the enabling business space that enabled them to reach a relatively high level of development in Liberia.

The company currently has over 300 Liberians in the employ of new steel rods factory and is expected to employ up to 500 Liberians.

Sethi Ferro Fabrik, Inc. which will be using scraps for the production of steel rods, also appealed to the President to use his offices to help them acquire iron ore in the near future to enhance their business.

The steel rod factor dedication program is one of the many activities characterizing celebration of the 172nd Independence Day.

It was attended by several officials of government, members of the diplomatic corps and the business community.

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