As President Weah declares: “In the cause of the people, the struggle must end”, Liberian Cleric Speaks To The Contrary

Rev. Henry Saway delivering his Sunday, February 4, 2018 sermon

President George Manneh Weah’s recent declaration during his annual address to the nation where he noted, “Let us all exert our best effort to ensure that, in the cause of the people, the struggle must end!, a Liberian cleric and head Pastor of the Faith Healing Temple of Jesus Christ, Henry Saway has said the President’s statement is to the contrary.

Addressing his congregation during the regular Sunday worship service at the Church’s edifice, February 4, 2018 in Monrovia, Rev. Saway said the advocacy by the Liberian leader to allow foreigners to own land, especially the whites; this means the beginning of another struggle has just begun when ordinary Liberians will not be able to control their own land in their own country.

During his annual address, President said, “Liberian  citizens  are  free  to  purchase  property  in  any  other  country  as  non-citizens,  yet  our  Constitution  and  laws  will  not  allow  similar  privileged to be accorded to  the  citizens  of  other  nations.  I therefore strongly recommend that this restriction be removed, and that the appropriate rules  and  regulations  of  the  Land  Commission  and  other  relevant  agencies  be  amended  and strengthened to accommodate this new development, if approved by referendum,” President Weah told his fellow compatriots.

Reacting to the President’s statement, Rev. Saway delivering his ‘powerful’ Sunday sermon decried the statement, making reference of the people Zimbabwe where the White’s took over their land which eventually led to land conflict in that part of Africa, called on the President to rethink his decision, stressing, “In deed the struggle for Liberians must end,” Rev. Saway amidst applauds from the congregation noted.

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