President Weah Calls On Journalist Paye-Layleh To Return Home

Journalist Paye-Layleh

Following series of local and international media reports about the alleged friction between BBC Liberia Correspondent, Jonathan Paye-Layleh and President George Weah developed during United Nations Deputy Secretary General, Amina J. Mohammed and President Weah at a joint press conference were taking questions from reporters in the midst of dignitaries where he Paye-Layleh asked if the UN was willing to support efforts in Liberia in setting up a war crimes court like it did in Sierra Leone.

Mr. Paye-Layleh said when President Weah was asked on the same issue, he accused him that when he (President Weah) was working towards the advocating for human rights in Liberia before becoming President,  he (Paye-Layleh was one person against him, this situation drew the massive attention of the public when it was reported that Paye-Layleh.

But for his part, President Weah addressing media managers today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said his statement was not intended to watch hunt Mr. Paye-Layleh but rather was reflecting on his contributions over the years when he was opting for a peaceful coexistence of the largest Liberian population who were dying daily as a result of the civil war.

““Paye – Layeleh asked me a critical question and I gave him a critical answer, I will urge all of you guys to prevail on your colleague, Jonathan Paye-Layleh who is also my friend to return home; I have nothing against him. Let he return and do his professional work as a BBC Liberia Correspondent,” President Weah addressing media managers and editors noted.

In a related, the Liberian leader has assured Liberian media of his government fullest support towards the growth and development of the media, and also promised to see reasons in the settlement of government’s obligation with the media financially.

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