“Cockroaches” Vs “Killer And Thief” President Weah, ALP Political Leader Urey In War Of Words

Mr. Benoni Urey, ALP Political leader

The political leader of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) and also President of the Republic of Liberia has public disparaged the political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP), Mr. Benoni Urey accusing him of being a killer and a thief, the Liberian leader spoke in response to Mr. Urey’s comments reportedly calling members of his political party cockroaches.

Speaking during the program marking the launch of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) campaign launch for by-elections in Montserrado County for seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate, Weah mocked the Ureys  of having no history of winning elections and promised to defeat him in this by-election for a third time running.

“They are testing your resolve; they call you tiny, tiny, CDCians and cockroaches and come to ask for your votes. I will be specific today because I came to make fuss… Benoni Urey is not associated with victory, the only thing I recall for Urey is that when he wanted to leave from UN sanction list, he came to me and I helped him make his first foreign trip.

President George M. Weah

“This is a man that has never won anything, he supported his brother I defeated him, get ready tightened your belts there is no way the Urey’s can win election in Montserrado County because they are wicked people. We are cockroaches but they are killers, we are cockroaches, they are thieves,” President Weah said.

The Liberian President threw jabs at opposition politicians by boasting of being the “chosen on”. He also promised to deny the four collaborating political parties a victory in the pending by-elections

In another attack on the personality of Mr. Darius Dillon, the senatorial candidate representing the four political parties in the pending by-elections, (LP, UP, ALP, ANC) Weah accused Dillon of being a high school dropped out, something he said he (Weah) was accused of 12 years ago.

Weah: “The only thing I know about Dillon is that he stole Documents from Snowe when he once served him as special Assistant. If you questioned me 12 years ago for my education background then Dillon does not deserve your vote.”

“Tell Dillon to go back to school, let justice be done to all men; what was not allowed for me should not be allowed for Dillon.”

President distanced his government from the ‘missing’ L$16 billion saga, saying it all happened in the past regime. He said, his government is only correcting the wrongs.

“They want you to think we are the problem, but we will show you who the problem is, we will show you who stole the cookies from the cookies jar. They are agitated for nothing because we are doing what they didn’t do in 12 years.

“They are angry that I am doing development and if they give me chance, I will put someone hands up. I brought to you a Miami style of development where there’s no asphalt pavement, we do cement pavement.”

President Weah also claimed that those in the opposition who are making claims against his government are in the background negotiating with his government for personal benefits. “They are   negotiating with us in the background and telling you lies about us.”

“People who burned our homes, killed our brothers, made us displaced people are the once talking about human rights today, when we spoke about our human rights they sent us to prison

“We will continue to be civil; we will continue to promote peace because we are a UN story. Under our leadership no one will be killed for going to the streets,” he said.

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