President-elect Boakai Visit Site of Tragic Petroleum Tanker Explosion In Bong County

Press Release|

In a solemn demonstration of solidarity and leadership, President-elect Joseph Nyuma Boakai on Sunday December 31, 2023, visited the site of the devastating petroleum tanker explosion that  claimed the lives of over 60 Liberian citizens.

The tragic incident occurred December 26, 2023, in Totota, Bong County, and has left the nation in mourning.

President-elect Boakai recognizes the gravity of the tragic situation and understands the profound impact it has on the affected families and the entire country.

His visit offered condolences to the bereaved families as he expressed support and prayer for the recovery of other victims seeking treatment at various hospitals across the country.

This demonstration of empathy reflects President-elect Boakai’s commitment to the well-being and safety of all Liberians.

During the visit, President-elect Boakai participated in a church service very close to the tragic site, had  engagements with local authorities, emergency responders, and community leaders, while  extending sympathy to the bereaved families.

“We are here today to console you, we are here today to tell you that we feel just as hurt as you are, we will stand with you because this is a family affairs”, he noted.

While making remarks at the Church service, President-elect Boakai presented ten million Liberian dollars (10,000,000) and  donated 200 bags of rice (25kg).

The president-elect  also emphasized the importance of basic education of citizens for safety, self-awareness and protection in emergency situations.

He urged state security to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the cause of such tragedy with relevant recommendations on preventive measures.

The visit underscores President-elect Boakai’s dedication to fostering a sense of national unity and healing during challenging times.

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