President Boakai Directs Ex-Officials To Turn Over Govt Assets Immediately

The President of the Republic, H.E Joseph Nyuma Boakai has directed former officials of government to, without any delay and hesitation, turn over all assets of government in their possession.

The directive issued Friday, February 2, 2024, according to the President, takes immediate effect.

As further attachment of seriousness and urgency to the directives, President Boakai has announced the constitution of a Government Assets Retrieval Team (GART), charged with the responsibility, among other duties, to identify, trace and retrieve all assets of government in and out of Liberia.

Part of the Team’s functions will focus on investigating assets, and also working with the relevant agencies of government to prosecute those found criminally liable.

President Boakai places premium on the highest standards of commitment, integrity and patriotism as hallmark of public service, and has been urging officials of government to exercise and demonstrate these principles at all times.

Source: Executive Mansion

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