Police Sends to Court, David Beyan; Charges him with Multiple Offenses

The Liberia National Police (LNP) has arrested, investigated and duly charged suspect, David Beyan, an adult and the Acting Secretary General of the People’s Liberation Party (PLP) for False Alarm, Misinforming Law Enforcement and Illegal Possession and sale of physical object for lethal use.

According to Police investigative findings, Suspect Beyan had misinformed the public on allegations that he was shot by unknown gun men.

He continued that after he sustained wounds from the shooting incident, he was rushed to a medical facility for treatment.

After Police intelligence and investigation conducted, it was revealed that, suspect David Beyan allegedly shot himself with an illegally possessed weapon. Police investigation also unearthed that suspect Beyan purposely and intentionally relocated said weapon from his residence to 20th Street, Sinkor.

The weapon was later retrieved and it is currently in the custody of the Liberia National Police at its Headquarters.

Authorities of the LNP headed by Hon. Patrick T. Sudue prayed for a writ of search and seizure and discovered an empty cartridge and a penetrated bullet mark on his driver’s seat.

Suspect Beyan later admitted to mistakenly shooting himself in his Paynesville compound both to his duty nurse and the Police.

Based upon his narratives, physical evidence, exhibit (weapon) and medical report, suspect David Beyan was charged and sent to Court in violation of chapter 17.4 and 17.11 of the Revised penal code of the Republic of Liberia.

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