Police reverses ‘no go zone’ mandate for motorcyclists

By: Christopher Wiah |

The Liberia National Police and officials of the motorcycles and tricycle union of Liberia following   a nationwide protest by some cycles in Monrovia and its environs, the authority of the  Liberia national police and the motorcycles and tricyclists have reversed the ‘No go zone’  mandate for motorcyclist with in Monrovia.

Police inspector General Col. Gregory Coleman in a press conference held Thursday May 9, 2024, said the to revert on her mandate is due to several appeal from the public outcry including the student community and Liberia vice president Jeremiah Koung.

According to Col. Coleman, the police plan is to prioritize safety for every Liberians and the motorcyclist is the most vulnerable when it comes to traffic at such they saw it necessary to put in some measures.

He furthered that after several meetings they have agree that beginning Friday may 15, the full enforcement of the law in terms of traffic regulations will begin.

According to him, motorcyclists who wanting to use the ELWA road through Sinkor to Freeport should be fully compliance,  Should be properly attire, proper gear on your feet, must have a reflective vest, must be ensured, must be registered with the Ministry of Transport, and u must have helmet for they and their sole rider.

He noted that this measure will be actively enforced for only three months for cyclist using the ELWA road through Sinkor to Freeport, after the three month the measure will be enforce to all in cyclist in Liberia.

For his part, John Kayon, president of the Liberia motorcyclist and tricycle union, said he welcome the decision of the police and will work with his colleagues in making sure the work alone with the police in adhering to the new measures.

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