Police Releases Report Of “Missing” Persons – Says Drowning Took Place

The Liberia National Police (LNP) has released final investigative findings in the disappearance of three men who went missing after being contracted by the Chief Executive Officer of St. Moses Funeral Parlors, Moses Ahoussouhe, to do a piece of job in Bong County.

Reading the report at the Ministry of Information regular press briefing Thursday, March 4, 2021, in Monrovia, Police Spokesman Moses Carter attributed the cause of the disappearance of the three men to drowning as a result of a capsized canoe on the St. Paul River.

The police investigation established that the three men were hired by Ahoussouhe to go and do a piece of job at one of his mining sites in Gbalah, Bong County, between October 14 –17, 2020.

Carter explained that the three victims left Monrovia and reached their destination safely and began the job for which they were hired.

The investigation further established that the victims upon completing their job, requested for their service fee from Ahoussouhe and demanded to return to Monrovia Saturday, October 17, between 6:30 – 7PM for urgent matters of which said monies were delivered to them by Moses and his associates.

The report continues that after paying them for services rendered, Moses appointed four persons working on his camp to escort them to cross the St. Paul River while three of the men were to return with company’s materials that were at a nearby village.

“Upon reaching the St Paul River after the Vokpor’s Village, the six persons got into the canoe leaving two persons behind to come back and while in this process, the canoe capsized due to strong water current,” Carter said.

He furthered that out of the six persons that got into the canoe, the police investigation established that three survived while three got drowned prior to the discovery of a body that was believed to be one of the victims.

The police report also said after the three men survived, they turned themselves over to the town chief of a nearby village identified as Mr. Forkpah Mulbah who then turned them over to the local zoes to be investigated; the capsized canoe was discovered on October 30, 2020 around a town named Handee and was recovered by Town Chief Jonah King

The police spokesman also revealed that the three survivors’ statements were said to have corroborated, validated by the discovery of a male body floating on the St Paul River by a resident named Papa Kelleh.

Concluding, the LNP said in view of the facts and circumstances coupled with the discovery of the wrecked of the canoe identified by its owner James Butler and the corroboration of the statements from three survivors, the investigation came to a conclusion that the three men drowned.

Source: NEWS

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