Police In Grand Kru Drags To Court 12 Persons For Disappearance Of One Person, Woman Flogged

From Emmanuel S. Koffa |GNN Correspondent | Grand Kru County |

Police in Grand Kru County have sent to court 12 persons for their alleged involvement in the alleged flogging of a lady and the disappearance of a man in Wedabo District.

According to our Correspondent in the County, quoting a source, documents are been prepared for those accused to be arraigned.

The source is quoting by saying; one of the victim’s Bessie Karyepo was allegedly accused as a witch, and was fined at the same time as the other victim Ezekiel Wallace wife was also allegedly accused dandified.

The source close to police also told newsman that victim Bessie Karyepo is currently receiving treatment at the Rally- Town-Hospital while Ezekiel Wallace was found alive in Pleebo, Maryland County.

The Police source added that the alleged perpetrators have tacitly admitted to the commission of the crime.

The source also disclosed that the police are completing the document to have the alleged perpetrators sent to court and have them charged with the crimes of kidnapping, robbery, felonies restraint, terroristic threat, aggravated assault and criminal conspiracy.

Nevertheless, the police have condemned the increase of violence in the county especially in the traditional setting.

In Grand Kru, Violence has becomes the order of the day habitual community, as episode of such have increasable been reported from the county.

In just few weeks Grand Kru have had series of violence ranging from the Forpoh, Bolloh and Buah saga, to the brutal flogging of Bessie Karyepo and many others.

Meanwhile, the county’s Development Superintend Joe Segbe in an interview added that such activities will scared away investors and violation to others rights.

Segbe has also disclosed that County authority has started holding consultative meetings with the traditional communities of the county.

This he said will reduced traditional ritual or performance in the county; thus increasing developmental activities and clearing away the bad image created about Grand Kru in other parts of Liberia and the global world.

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