Police Displays Neutrality, Indicts Ruling Party Chairman, Executive Member For Alleged Brutality

Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue

Authority at the Liberia National Police Says it stand by its recent report indicting two leading executives, including the Party’s Chairman and  one of its executive members, Mulbah Morlue and Representative Acarous Gray for their alleged involvement in the flogging of Deputy Police Chief  Mavin Sackor at the headquarter of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

The police statement is in reaction to a Face Book post by the Chairman of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change, Mulbah Morlu on August 22, 2019, claiming that Police Inspector General, Hon. Patrick Sudue lied under oath on his person when he (Hon. Sudue) appeared before members of the Senate yesterday.

Chairman Morlu in his facebook post claimed that the Police Inspector General did not issue him any communication as stated before members of the Senate in the on-going investigation into the alleged assault of LNP’s Deputy Inspector General for Operations, Hon. Marvin Sackor at the headquarters of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC).

We would like to use this medium to inform Chairman Morlu that the LNP stands by every statement it made yesterday before members of the Senate especially concerning the invitation of Chairman Morlu and Hon. Acarous Gray to assist with this investigation.

We also would like to clarify that at no point in time did Hon. Sudue indicates that Chairman Morlu and Hon. Gray are suspects while he spoke to members of the Senate as insinuated in Chairman Morlu’s facebook response. Hon. Sudue informed members of the Senate that investigation into the alleged assault of DIGPO Sackor is on-going and that the LNP had made contacts with Chairman Morlu and Hon. Gray to assist the investigation.

It is only obvious for us to invite Chairman Morlu and Hon. Gray to hear from them on what transpired at the CDC’s headquarters as it relates to the alleged assault on DIGPO Sackor since in fact they, as leaders of the CDC were on the scene of the incident which is aimed at ensuring that the perpetrators are made to face the full weight of the law.

Hence, the LNP is using this medium to request the appearance of Chairman Morlu and Hon. Acarous Gray at the headquarters of the Liberia National Police not later than 12:00 Noon on Monday, August 26, 2019.

LNP’s Position on the wave of Wide Spread Violence

The LNP is deeply concerned about the high wave of violence especially electoral violence that has engulfed our country.

These violent situations continue to undermine the revenue generation capacity of the government vis-à-vis the economy, hindering free movement and destruction of properties of peaceful citizens.

As of today’s date, the LNP informs the public that anyone or group of citizens that will engage themselves into violence will be dealt with in line with the law.

Citizens are urged to use peaceful means of handling their grievances instead of using violent means to seek redress.

We must understand that the upholding of the peace and stability of our country is not only the responsibility of the Police or the Joint Security, but it is the responsibilities of all Liberians.

Those who want to create situations that will make Liberia ungovernable will be dealt with robustly in line with the rule of law. You can rest assure that this Joint Security under the leadership of Hon. Patrick Sudue will do all in its power to jealously protect the peace and stability of the state.

The Liberia National Police has arrested three suspects in connection to the electoral violence in District #15, Montserrado County.

Those arrested include Romeo Nayonkon- 26 years old, Prince Kollie- 18 years old and Joseph Bropleh- 20 years old.

These suspects were arrested based on the cooperation of some residents of District #15 to assist the LNP with information in this investigation.

The LNP investigators were also successful in retrieving the laptop of Candidate Telia Urey which was stolen from her vehicle during the violence.

These suspects are currently detained at the headquarters of the Liberia National Police and will be subsequently forwarded to court.

Meanwhile, the LNP urges supporters of Political parties to desist from violence as we will not hesitate to arrest and forward to court any supporter engaged in electoral violence. Political leaders are also urged to exercise control over their supporters and desist from making inflammatory statements that are tantamount to undermining the peace and stability of the country.

LNP Clarifies Fake Social Media Account

The Liberia National Police is dismayed over the continuous posting of unsubstantiated information on social media by some unpatriotic individuals, thus undermining its image and the image of the government.

Yesterday, a social media poster identified as Williams Berechiah Prince posted unsubstantiated information claiming that the George Weah government has killed another citizen who criticized the government. The poster claimed that one Herriton Brewer was murdered by Police.

The poster also claimed that the late Herriton Brewer is a resident of Stephen Tolbert Estate, House # GB 38.

The LNP categorically condemns such unpatriotic action and unproven facebook posting of Williams Berechiah Prince. Such action is viewed as the evil work of some evil-minded individuals to cause chaos and plunge this country to its ugly past.

Here is the actual story about what happened

On August 19, 2019, at 12:20 AM, a tragic motorbike accident occurred around Dixville Bridge, involving a motorcyclist identified as Ligbanue Kollie, 37 years old, a resident of Barnesville and a pedestrian identified as Herriton Brewer, 31 years old and a resident of Dixville.

Police preliminary investigation revealed that on August 19, 2019, at 12:20 AM, victim Brewer was walking along the Dixville Bridge when the Operator of a Black Bajaj motorbike with plate #: LB-30331 collided with the victim leaving him with severe injury.

The victim was rushed to a nearby medical facility, Zogbo Clinic. He was later referred to the JFK hospital where he was pronounced dead upon arrival by a medical practitioner on duty.

Suspect Ligbanue Kollie is currently being investigated and will be subsequently charged and forwarded to court.

We take this issue of a false alarm on facebook seriously. Such unpatriotic actions have the propensity to undermining the peace of the country.

Citizens are urged to promote peace at all times and desist engaging themselves into actions that are inimical to the promotion of peace and stability of the country.

Credit: SNL

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