Police Detain Father For ‘Forcing Daughter’ To Marry To Older Man Who He Claimed Is Rich

From Lofa County

Flash Back: Man in handcuff on his way to prison

Police in Lofa County have reportedly detained a man for allegedly forcing his daughter to marry a wealthy man in Guinea; denying her the right to education, noting that it is due to poverty.

According to a Correspondent of state radio, ELBC, the name of the  father withheld has over the past months has persistently been asking his daughter, whose name also withheld to abandoned her quest for education and marry to one of his friends in Guinea who he also claimed his rich.

This request, according to the report was turned down by the girl, a situation that made the father to seize all the girl’s academic materials including her uniforms and her school books preventing her from going to school.

The report said few days after, the father of the girl told his daughter to follow him to a place which did not name, while on their way he was stopped at a local security check point where the daughter told the security on guard that her father was taken her to unknown location, a statement that drew the attention of the security compelling them to interrogate the father.

During the interrogation it was however confirmed that he was taking his daughter to Guinea for force marriage to a man in Guinea unknown to his daughter, this made the security to arrest the man handling him over to police in the County in the presence of a local advocate from She and He.

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